Amber Haze - out on


Hevhetia - 2017 


Amber Haze is a band that brings together radical improvisation, electronics and song.

It was born from an idea of singer/composer Francesca Palamidessi, winner of 2015th edition of the International Jazz Competition for Singing Musicians Voicingers.

It is a territory for experimenting with new languages, with both improvised and composed music, with a special attention to the voice, sung and spoken. 


Amber Haze is the second record for her as a leader, after “In Other Words I Am Three”, on the music of Charles Mingus, published by Ragtime Production in 2015. The album is an impressive author project; in it we find Hendrik Lasure on the piano and Casper Van De Velde on drums. All songs are either freely improvised or composed by the author. The record features an original sound collage of acoustic and electronic sounds.




francesca palamidessi - voice & efx
hendrik lasure - piano, rhodes & efx
casper van de velde - drums
tenor sax on saturnine - sam comeford
music & lyrics by francesca palamidessi
recorded @ rec publica studios
mixed and mastered by roberto begini
executive producer - jan sudzina